We value your time and understand that prompt implemetation of translation requests is essential. Our translation bureau is always at your service. We offer translations made by professional interpreters from foreign languages into Russian and from Russian to foreign languages. We also offer simultaneous interpreting services.

You can request a translation estimate by emailing us here.

Examples of translations include:

  •     Legal documents (statements, powers of attorney, court orders)
  •     Statutory documents (testimonies, statutes, articles of incorporation, licenses)
  •     Financial documents (audit report, financial and annual reports, contracts)
  •     Documents related to customs clearance (bills of lading, certificates of quality)
  •     Documents of offshore companies (powers of attorney, certificates, articles of Association and Memorandums)
  •     Immigration documents
  •     Personal documents (packages of documents to various embassies, private documents)
  •     Diplomas
  •     Transcripts
  •     Certificates
  •     Business documents (business plans, contracts)
  •     Advertisements
  •     Technical, commercial, scientific, medical documents
  •     Web pages

Examples of interpreting services include:

  •     Accompanying a person or a delegation
  •     Serving business meetings and negotiations
  •     Assisting in representing your company and its products at exhibitions
  •     Telephone conversations

Professional translation of documents for the following documents from $30.00 per page:

  •     Birth certificate
  •     Marriage certificate
  •     Divorce certificate
  •     Death certificates
  •     Police reports and Background check certificates
  •     Certificates of sale
  •     Power of attorney
  •     Diplomas
  •     Deeds and wills
  •     Identity documents and/or passport

The cost of the documents listed below depends on the specifics of the text:

  •     Agreements
  •     Private documents
  •     Proof of ownership
  •     Other documents

Benefits of working with us:

  •     We are able to complete certain translations on the day of request
  •     We guarantee to keep information of translation confidential
  •     We offer various forms of payment
  •     We work with individuals and companies located in the United States of America and abroad.
  •     Our translators have a responsible approach to each translation request, performing translations in a short and specified time.