Компания Multichoice Services Group оказывает самые разнообразные услуги по  оформлению документов как русскоязычным резидентам, проживающим в США, так и гражданам США, имеющим интерес в правильном оформлении документов для отдыха и работы в России и странах СНГ.

Мы предлагаем выполнение переводов, помощь в оформлении виз,  приглашений, нотариальное и консульское заверение документов, и многие другие услуги.

Translation and Interpreting Services

We value your time and understand that prompt implemetation of translation requests is essential. Our translation bureau is always at your service. We offer translations made by professional interpreters from foreign languages into Russian and from Russian...


The travel agency Multichoice Trip is pleased to welcome you! We are experienced and ready for fruitful cooperation. Our highest priority is to satisfy all your travel needs by offering a variety of services for your leisure and business travel. We...

Visa to Russia

Travelling to Russia and countries of the former USSR? You may need to obtain an entry visa. We provide assistance with visa applications. A Russian visa includes the following information: Surname and name (written in Russian and Latin letters) Date...

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